My new book is your guide to ‘New Work’:

„The For-Purpose Enterprise. A Powershifted Operating System to Run Your Business”

My goal is to completely change the world of work and collaboration within organizations, and re-building it from scratch.  This idea developled by the company is outlined in my book “The For-Purpose Enterprise: A Powershifted Operating System to Run Your Business”. The book is not about tentative optimizations, but offers a completely new idea of economic activity – for purpose, which is guided by four basic principles:

  • Establish purpose as the supreme principle of order in your company
  • Make all actions agile and transparent
  • Differentiate and integrate work and people
  • Shift power and distribute authority in the organization.

In this book you will learn what you need to leave behind so that this new way of working can even arise. And you will read – very specifically – which rules you need to shape your work and remuneration, as well as how to ensure members’ rights and participation and how to shape togetherness within your organization in a meaningful way.

From the Preface:
“Structure follows purpose”: How purpose becomes a leitmotif

This book is not just another book about business and management. While it deals with labor, capital, law, and corporate culture, it does not deal with these issues like traditional business and management books do. For example, this book isn’t primarily about becoming a better boss and a more successful leader, it doesn’t provide you with any recipes for building better teams and it is not a “five step” process to increasing operational efficiency. No, it’s a book about falling in love. For real! Falling in love with rules. ules that fundamentally change the way you work together, invest in a company, and cultivate professional relationships. Rules that differ so fundamentally from the conventional that they may even have the power to kindle a new fire in you for the big game in the business world. “

Thomas Thomison, co-founder of HolacracyOne LLC and founding member of LLC

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In my blog articles, social media post and in specialist articles, I illuminate topics related to new work, purpose, power, and self-organization. I always keep an eye on all three dimensions: the individual, the collaboration, the company. Only in this way can the connection between power and purpose succeed, and people can shine from within at work.